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    Music Videos, Promo Shoots, complete Artwork

    for your new album!

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Photo Shoots


Your so hot right now. Image is power and with an image from us you will have all the power you need. FACT!
We direct all photo-shoots from idea to published image. All you gotta do is be cool, look cool and keep cool. And years from now you’ll look back and think: “Damn, I was the BOMB!”.



Looking for new Artwork?

Don’t Cry design lab


MusicShoots is your 1 stop destination for all things BAND ! With years of experience in the music industry as innovators of band branding, we will create for your band an authentic image that will stitch the seams between artwork, video and image. So be prepared to be elevated above the rest !

  • Music Videos

    We will transport your music to the screen. Whatever the concept, great or small, no challenge scares us. Imagination becomes visual reality.

  • Photo Shoot

    Powerful. Authoritative. Impactive. Your image will engage the viewer with your statement of intent, to rock the world with your music. You turn up, we shoot. These will be the ultimate “money-shot” !

  • Artwork

    The art of you. We will create a branding for your band that will be synonymous with your music and image. From unique single, EP, LP or vinyl design, inlay and disc art, we will represent your musical world as authentic art.

We Don’t Do! Ordinary!

Meet The Team

MusicShoots is blessed with ground-breaking fearless innovators. These people do not conform. They create. Authenticity is their trinity. Free-thinkers in a technological world. Give them your music and prepare to be wowed ! Nothing but the best will be delivered.

  • Sexy 2

    Tomasz Bereska


    To make a long story short: He loves what he does!

  • Sexy 2

    Tom Dunne

    Screenwriter/Film Editor

    This man speaks through creation. A priceless degree to the trinity of MusicShoots.

  • Sexy 2

    Rafal R6 Paluszek


    R6 is creative, creative, creative, creative, creative… Sorry, did we mention that he is creative?


With 3 varying packages, we can accommodate whatever you need. Have a look below at the breakdown of each option and choose your weapon! These are not etched in stone so if you have a unique request, please do contact us and we will give Kofi Annan a call and happily engage in negotiations!

  • Breakthrough

    € 1000
    • Photo shoot
  • On Tour

    € 1750
    • Music Video
  • Hall of Fame

    € 3000
    • Music Video
    • Album Artwork
    • Photo Shoot


Get in Touch

Dublin – Ireland, Katowice – Poland


(+353) 85-8189290